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eLearningspace is a safe, noncommercial space on the Web where 3rd to 12th graders can earn things of value by learning things of value. They can do this when they voluntarily use a computer outside of school in order to do better in school.

Kids Learning

eLearningspace is developed by the nonprofit EPIE Institute’s Smart Families Project, with support by the United States Department of Education, Cisco Learning Institute, and W.R. Hearst Foundations. Its pilot testing is being carried out with the cooperation of school and community projects in Long Island and New York City, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, and Oakland. Most pilot communities are affiliated with LINCT Coalition ‘learn and earn’ programs, through which thousands of low-income families have learned and earned home computers and connectivity.  EPIE Institute is a founding member and the  Managing Partner of LINCT Coalition.

One of eLearningspace’s major goals is to motivate youth to rechannel some of their TV watching (5.7 hours-a-day according to a recent nationwide study) into productive web-based learning and earning that rewards them for learning and helping others learn.

For each 60 minutes spent learning and rating the learning resources used in eLearningspace the learner is rewarded with a Time Dollar.

Earned Time Dollars are recorded in each learner’s personal eLearning Journal, and then used to bid on products and services available at the eLearningspace Time Dollar Auction site. This auction site is developed and managed by LINCT Coalition Member, IVERB. Time Dollars are the invention of Time Dollar Institute, a founding member of LINCT Coalition

eLearningspace is grateful to the increasing number of businesses that are supporting learning and earning by 3rd -12th graders by donating goods and services that youth can earn by investing time learning at eLearningspace.

We also thank the Individuals and families that are helping to sustain eLearningspace as a not-for-profit, educational service by becoming an eLearningSpace sponsor. To find out how you can support eLearningspace, please click here.

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