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Editor's Message

The goal for eLearningSpace is to help learners, teachers, parents, and mentors create a unique place for learning and earning on the Web. By using, sharing and evaluating the usefulness of the eLearning resources available at eLearningSpace youth can learn things they need to know to do well at school, and they can also earn things they want to own. Things like CDs, computer software, brand-name apparel, etc., plus things of more lasting value; U.S Savings Bonds and tuition credits toward college.

 The message is: “When you learn, you earn!”

We call eLearningSpace ‘the democracy of learning and earning’ because it gives all learners equal opportunity to achieve;

  • What they want to know;
  • What they want to own, and
  • What kind of person they want to be.
  • And learners can also discover:
    • "You are what you learn!"
    • Ever heard the expression, "You are what you eat ?”  Well, what you allow into your brain through your eyes, ears and touch is constantly making you who you are. 
    • "You are in charge of what you're learning.”
    • Whenever you let yourself really see, hear, and feel things, you're opening yourself up to learning. You're saying that you're in charge of what you're letting your eyes see your ears hear, and your hands touch.
    • "Whenever you’re open for learning, you're becoming!"
    • Every time you learn something, you become a little different than you were.  The more challenging learning you take on, the more you're helping your brain to grow, making new brain cells and connections -- increasing brain power and empowering yourself.
  • Learners who discover these things can make eLearningSpace into everything they want it to be. This means a place of free and equal access to learning and earning opportunities that can start in school, but that learners can continue after school, and at home – anytime, and for as long a time as they want to continue learning and earning.
  • If you're thinking, "this sounds pretty good, but what about learners who can't afford a home computer and web access?"

    The answer is that eLearningSpace is working with schools, libraries and community centers in many of the poorest communities in America, using a community-based strategy that enables youth whose families cannot afford home computers and Internet access to "learn and earn" home computers, modems, and connectivity. 

    In these communities, families are earning donated business computers by learning how to use the computer they will be taking home. The motivating force of, "When I learn it, I earn it!" is quite empowering for such families.

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    Ken Komoski, Executive Editor