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Learner Space - 6th to 8th Graders Learn and earn

Whenever you use eLearningSpace in an after school program or at home, you can earn Time Dollars, a kind of money many communities use to reward people who help others.

As part of the eLearningSpace community, you help others every time you rate a learning site use. Your ratings help other learners know which sites are most likely to help them. And while you are learning you are also earning Time Dollars — your reward for helping others!

As you earn Time Dollars they get recorded in an account in your own eLearning Journal.

You can spend your Time Dollars on gift certificates for movie tickets, computer software, U.S. Savings bonds for college, and all kinds of great stuff at the Time Dollar Auction Site (click to see whatís being auctioned today!)

Parent Approval: Please have your parent complete The Parent Agreement Form. When we receive and process your parentís Agreement Form (usually within 24 hours), your Time Dollar account will be activated and your Time Dollars will be recorded in your eLearning Journal.

If you are new to eLearningSpace and would like to view tutorials on how eLearningSpace works and what you can accomplish with it, please visit the eLearningSpace Tutorials Page.

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Remember: When you learn, you earn!