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Mentor Mentor Space

Welcome to Mentoring at eLearningspace

We hope that you are considering helping young people to become confident, cooperative learners, who are learning, earning, and taking control of their learning and wanting to learn more with your help.

Learners are waiting for your help.

You can sign in to become an eLearningspace mentor below, but first take a few minutes. See what eLearningspace is like by taking a few minutes to explore the eLearningspace environment. See how learners are able to create their own eLearning Plans, select eLearning Sites and ebooks; and evaluate the resources they have used. Consider how you might mentor a learner who needs your help in planning and pursuing their learning goals. We hope you'll decide to make online mentoring a regular part of your life here in the eLearningspace community.

There are an estimated three million students currently being mentored in the U. S., but the National Mentoring Partnership estimates that 13 million more are in need of mentoring. You can help meet the learning needs of these learners by registering as a mentor here at eLearningspace - where youth earn as they learn.

Here is how learning and earning works. For each out-of-school hour that a 4th to 12th grader spends in eLearningspace, learning and evaluating their learning and the resources they have used, the learner earns a Time Dollar. Each Time dollar is automatically recorded in the learnerís eLearningJournal. These earned Time Dollars can be used to bid on goods and services at the Time Dollar Auction Site. High school juniors and seniors may also use their Time Dollars as college tuition credits at participating colleges.

Here are the two steps you need to take to become an eLearningspace mentor:

  1. Sign-up to be a mentor here!
  2. Download tools youíll need to participate as a mentor.
  3. Rate your mentoring abilities