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Welcome to eLearningspace, a safe, high quality web-learning environment that helps 'smart families and smart schools' to turn out-of-school learning time into out-of-school earning time - for 3rd to 12th graders.

Learning and earning time can happen in your family whenever your 3rd to 12th grader uses eLearningspace to:

By using eLearningspace in this way, your child will not just be helping to improve her or his own learning, but be helping to improve eLearningspace for other learners. For helping in these ways, your child earns Time Dollars, a currency that many communities use to reward those who help others. The "Time Dollars" your child earns are recorded in their Time Dollar Account, in their eLearning Journal. These Time Dollars are trade-able for goods and services offered at the eLearningspace Auction Site (check it out).

Parent Approval: As a parent you must complete The Parent Agreement Form. When we receive and process your Agreement Form (usually within 24 hours), your child’s Time Dollar account will be activated and the Time Dollars earned by your child will be recorded in his/her personal eLearning Journal.

At eLearningspace your child can improve in mathematics, science, language arts, technology and health by:

At the eLearningspace Auction Site your child can trade earned Time Dollars for:

To ensure that your child is able to learn and earn at eLearningspace, be sure that:

Things you can do to help your child earn Time Dollars: