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eLearningSpace Parent Agreement Form

As parent or legal guardian of the child) whose name I provide below, I hereby agree to have my child use eLearningSpace, and be permitted to earn Time Dollars for out-of-school  time she/he spends learning at eLearningSpace and rating the learning resources she/he has used.

I also permit my child to use the Time Dollars he/she has earned while learning at eLearningspace to bid on items found at the Time Dollar Auction Site.

I further understand that many of the items at the Time Dollar Auction Site may be in the form of Gift Certificates, especially coded be downloaded and printed out via my child’s computer, and redeemed for goods at businesses in our locale.

When my child selects an item that must be shipped, I agree to pay standard ground UPS or similar carrier costs for such items. I will pay such costs either in advance via credit card, or at time of receipt of the item.

Name of Parent or Guardian (If you wish to submit for more than one child, simply fill out and submit additional Agreement Form (s), as needed.

Name of child (3rd-12th grades) you agree to have earn Time Dollars in eLearningSpace:

Child’s First Name: Child’s Last Name


Parent's email: 





Thank You