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Teacher Space

As a teacher, you can use eLearningSpace to create eLesson plans that integrate standards-aligned technology resources in Mathematics, Science, English Language Arts, Technology and Health into your teaching. Each plan you create is accessible via your personal eTeaching Journal (created when you register).

You can also use eLearningspace to help your students create, store and use their own individualized standards-aligned eLearning plans in each student's personal eLearning Journal (created when the student registers) .

Also, as a teacher, you can create eLearning Plans for some or all of your students, and store them in your eTeaching Journal . (Note: If you want to help your students to become more independent, self-directed learners, have them create and use their own eLearning Plans.)

Another part of eLearningspace your students can benefit from enables each student to take an individualized self-test (currently in math - soon in language arts and science) to  get an up-to-the minute assessment of what specific learning weaknesses need to be focused on when creating a targeted, individualized eLearning Plan. Check out this feature of eLearningspace Self-testing. (Only full use-able available once you have registered).

Perhaps the most unique feature of eLearningspace is that it rewards students with 'Time Dollars' for the work they do at eLearningspace (yes, learning is work!). This feature enables you to use eLearningspace for 'learn and earn' (Time Dollar) homework assignments. You can also help students earn Time Dollars in class whenever you have them do self-testing and create personal eLearning Plans. The Time Dollars students earn for doing 'learn-and-earn' homework, taking self-tests and creating eLearning Plans are recorded in their personal Time Dollar Account in their eLearning Journal. They can spend Time Dollars from their account for things they want at eLearningspace Auction Site.

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